The Hidden Risks of Heavy Backpacks


ProEx, and Robert Kaulbach, a Physical Therapist at ProEx, are included on Bay State Parent Magazine Online (Unique Visitors Per Month: 14,000), a Massachusetts-based parenting outlet, in an article titled, “Easy Ways to Prevent Heavy Backpack Injuries, Strains in Children.”

Within the article, which links back to the ProEx website, credits Robert as “Robert Kaulbach, DPT, a physical therapist at ProEx, part of the Professional Physical Therapy family,” Robert provides commentary on the dangers of children using a heavy/poorly fitted backpack and provides tips on how to choose the correct backpack.  Robert states that “a heavy load on the shoulders can compress the neck and the nerves to the arms causing numbness, tingling, and pain,” and suggests to “put the heaviest items against the back and closer to the bottom, as this creates less torque on the back.”

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