ProEx Renews Healthcare Initiative


ProEx Physical Therapy Renews Healthcare Initiative With AW Hastings


ProEx is pleased to announce renewal of a healthcare initiative contract with AW Hastings in Enfield, Connecticut.


The contract renewal marks the third consecutive year Colleen Calvanese, Manager of the Springfield location of ProEx, has made on-site visits to the distributors of high quality window and door products in a successful effort to reduce job and non-job related injuries and provide consultations for injuries that may potentially interfere with work status.

The ProEx healthcare initiative trains AW Hastings employees in specific stretching exercises relative to their work-related tasks and includes on-site visits twice monthly for intervention and consultation.  Ergonomic desk evaluations, job task modifications and injury screens are conducted and employees who are not able to be accommodated at the workplace are referred to the ProEx clinic for continued personalized care.


The goal of the program is to help reduce injuries, promote safety, and allow employees to feel better at the end of the day, according to Jaime Holmes, Employee Resources Manager at AW Hastings. 


“It is valuable to have Colleen on-site to help address employees' discomforts and fatigue before they become chronic and before they become full-blown workers' comp claims and interfere with home life,” said Holmes.


The program was initially launched in the company’s distribution center where employees handle a large volume of heavy and awkward sized window and door products.  Employees visiting the distribution center saw what was going on and immediately asked “when is this coming to the office?” said Holmes. “As a result, we have almost rolled this program out to the entire Hastings population and by years end everyone will be introduced to the program.”


The program is tailored to the job duties performed in each position, as employees in varying positions use different muscle groups and have diverse physical requirements/capabilities for each job.  Different stretches were created for service technicians, truck drivers, warehouse associates and office workers. 


“Colleen is very approachable and extremely knowledgeable,” said Holmes. “Our on-site schedule is somewhat flexible and I receive emails asking when she will be back and if they can get on the list to see her. She has developed relationships and takes a genuine interest in our employees; it is obvious she cares how they are feeling.”


“As a result of the program, there has been a more than significant decrease in workers’ compensation claims at the company,” said Calvanese, noting that to date she has made more than 200 on-site visits to AW Hastings.  “We’re delighted to continue our work with AW Hastings.”