ProEx Announces Launch of Collectivity


ProEx Physical Therapy Announces Collectivity Billing Division

ProEx is excited to announce the launch of Collectivity, its new billing and consulting division.

The new division was established by ProEx to help other physical therapy practices by offering a personalized approach to billing and collecting.  This allows Collectivity’s clients – physical therapy business owners throughout the country – to focus their attention on what they do best; provide care for their patients and run the operations of their business.  Meanwhile, they can be assured of being paid appropriately and in a timely manner.

 “As physical therapists ourselves, we identify with the challenges private practices face in terms of rising costs and declining reimbursements,” said Benjamin Barron, Director of Business Development at ProEx, who oversees the new division.  “We are 100% focused on the world of physical therapy practice and want to share our expertise in practice management, finance, accounts receivable management, billing, collections and credentialing.”

Increasingly, practice owners feel that when they choose an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), they are also selecting a billing company.  The experts at Collectivity, however, have developed systems and processes that allow them to work with virtually any EMR.  The allows their clients to choose an EMR that is a perfect fit for their practice while still being free to select between multiple billing companies.

“Our goal is to help physical therapy practices not just survive, but thrive in an uncertain healthcare marketplace,” said Mark R. Jackson, Director of Finance and Operations at ProEx Physical Therapy.  “Collectivity was born out of our own need to get paid for the work we do; when a physical therapy practice enters into a relationship with us, our promise is that we will treat your business no differently than our own.”

For more information about ProEx Physical Therapy’s Collectivity Division, please visit www.collectivitybilling.com.