30 Everyday Movements You're Making That Are Wrecking Your Joints



Three ProEx affiliated Physical Therapists have been included in a piece on Reader’s Digest Online titled, “30 Everyday Movements You’re Making That Are Wrecking Your Joints.”

The piece lists 30 movements that can affect joints and why these movements can possibly cause pain. Gavin Silver explains how crossing your legs can cause joint pain by saying, “Although this may feel comfortable at the moment, this position puts increased compressive forces on the lumbar spine and puts your abdominal muscles in a poor position to work efficiently to stabilize your trunk.” Alexander suggests how readers can avoid joint pain while picking up objects on the floor by saying, “Squat down over the object and keep your back flat and upright as you pick it up.”  Jonathan was also quoted several times throughout the article. Read the full article here.

Gavin Silver, Alexander Lucci, Jonathan DeMatteis are ProEx affiliated Physical Therapists from Professional Physical Therapy. ProEx Physical Therapy is an affiliate of Professional Physical Therapy.