Why Not Water Aerobics?


Why Not Water Aerobics?

Do not limit yourself to only exercising in a gym, when you can incorporate the swimming pool into your workout routine. And what better way to cool down during the hot summer days than being in the pool and exercising at the same time!


The basic concept of water aerobics is performing exercises in water. Being in the water gives your body buoyancy, and as a benefit, takes pressure off of your joints. Some pool facilities have group water aerobic classes.


Water aerobics has many benefits including a cardiovascular component allowing for calorie burning, depending on the intensity of the activity. Muscles can be strengthened due to the force of water resistance during exercises. Increasing the difficulty of exercises can be accomplished by adding aquatic specific weights or devices that increase the resistance of the water. Flexibility can be increased by moving your limbs around in the water, as this will help the muscles relax, allowing for increase range of motion of your joints. 


Water aerobics is great for any individual who has access to a pool and is not limited to the deep end as water aerobics can be performed in shallow water also.