The Power of Water


The Power of Water

"Your body has the ability to completely heal itself. It just needs your assistance." - Richard Schulze


When an object catches fire, logic and instinct guide us to dowse with water.  Transfer this logic to our bodies.  When a body part becomes hurt, injured and inflamed, doesn’t it make perfect sense to internally quell that inflammation with water?


There are amazing healing benefits of consistently consuming the often overlooked, ordinary glass of water. A large percentage of our body is made of water, and the fact is that water consumption is essential to keeping our bodies in tiptop shape. 


Water maintains moisture in the body, transports oxygen and nutrients to the blood, helps detoxify, lubricates joints, cushions the body from injury, helps our organs perform optimally and keeps our skin clear and glowing. Properly hydrating your body, can hasten recovery from injuries and help to alleviate pain.  Water could be considered the number one anti-inflammatory drink!


Although we know this, it can still be challenging to remember to drink all the water our bodies need to best function and to heal. A simple “add-in” to optimize your water consumption is to begin each day with a large glass of water. Set a full glass by your bed at night and drink it when you wake-up.  This will help freshen your body for the day ahead.  Keep a water bottle accessible and in sight throughout the day as a reminder to keep hydrating, and your body will reward you with more energy and an efficient recovery.


Watch our video to learn more about our clinical philosophy, ProEx for Life (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btNIepz5j-s).