The Danger Behind Multiple Concussions - What is Second Impact Syndrome?


The danger Behind Multiple Concussions… What is Second Impact Syndrome?

Concussions in athletics have become an important focus of the sports medicine community, and there's a growing body of research that reveals some very serious risks associated with premature return to sport for those who sustain a concussion.


Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) can occur when an individual suffers a concussion and is symptomatic (still having symptoms) from that initial concussion and then sustains another concussion. In these instances, while rare, the symptoms from the first concussion have not resolved and additional brain damage can occur as a result of a second brain injury. This situation can be catastrophic due to rapid brain swelling that occurs with SIS.


The sports medicine staff at ProEx Physical Therapy encourages athletes to report symptoms of a head injury to a trained medical professional (physician, nurse practitioner, and/or athletic trainer) and to seek out medical evaluation if one suspects they may have a concussion. In addition, a premature return to competitive sport or recreational activities, especially contact sports, should be avoided until all symptoms have resolved and clearance has been provided by appropriate medical personnel.


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The danger Behind Multiple Concussions… What is Second Impact Syndrome?