Tennis Elbow - Where to Begin


Tennis Elbow - Where to Begin

What it is

Tennis elbow is inflammation or injury to the tendons on the lateral (outside) portion of the arm near the elbow. This injury is most common in sports or activities that require repetitive twisting at the wrist, such as racquet sports and turning a screwdriver. Symptoms of tennis elbow may include pain, swelling, and a decrease in grip strength.


Self treatment options

Tennis elbow can be treated initially with either ice therapy (ice pack) or heat therapy (hot pack) depending on which feels better. Anti-inflammatory medication can be taken to decrease pain and inflammation. Activity modification may be necessary to decrease irritation to the injured area.

A brace that is beneficial for tennis elbow is a counterforce brace, which can be purchased over the counter at most drug stores and sporting goods stores. The brace, which looks like a strap, is worn below the elbow around the upper forearm to help decrease pressure or force on the tendon.


When to get an evaluation

Our hope is that you “nip this in the bud” with the above recommendations and don’t require treatment but if your symptoms do not resolve with these self treatments, you should seek an evaluation from your physician or local ProEx Physical Therapist. To find a ProEx physical therapist near you click here http://proexpt.com/content.php?l=66

Tennis Elbow - Where to Begin