Reflect. How to make it happen.


goal_achievement_mountain.pngWhat do you want? Everyone wants something, to heal, get fit, feel great, etc., but sometimes fall short in getting it.

Take a moment and reflect on your “wants.”  What got in the way of achieving these? How about your achievements? What made those different? Perhaps your “wants” were different from your “intentions?”

Wanting is wishing, hoping, dreaming.  Intending is committing to achievement by creating an action plan to succeed. While it’s healthy to hope and dream, why not make some of those dreams a reality by building your “intention muscle?”  

The following exercise is used by successful athletes, politicians, performers, and speakers.

1. Reflect on what you really want.  What do you believe is attainable? “See” it daily.  You can do this by creating a vision board.  Gather words and images that signify your goal and glue/pin them to a board or large piece of paper.  Place your board where you will see it multiple times each day.  This forces you to build your intention muscle by drawing your attention directly to your goal, often.  Just as you lift weights to build your physical muscles, you need to also build your mental muscles.

2. Take at least one small action step daily, working toward your intended goal.   Upon waking, before jumping into your day, lie in bed and think about what action  step you will achieve.

3. What is your desired outcome?  Visualize yourself succeeding with your planned  action step.

4. Next, feel yourself succeeding in your action.  Include all of your senses. What  does your success sound, smell and feel like? Hear your boss offering you the  raise. Feel your recovered knee bending and the sensation of high-fives, as you  cross the finish line at the end of the race.

5. Replay this image, adding emotions, such as relief and happiness for overcoming an injury or for receiving a raise or satisfaction for completing your run.

Turn your wants into reality by practicing your “intention muscle” daily. 

Source: Institute for Integrative Nutrition