ProEx Move to Groove Challenge


Please join your ProEx team in our

 ProEx for Life Move to Groove Challenge 


What is the MOVE to Groove Challenge?

It’s simple! For 1 week, mindfully “add-in” at least 10 extra minutes of activity daily.


When is the MOVE to Groove Challenge?

Wednesday, 11/8 – Tuesday, 11/14


Who will be participating in this challenge?

The ProEx team, patients, friends, family and anyone wanting to “add-in” a bit of health-promoting activity into the day, are invited to join in. 


Why a MOVE Challenge?

Why not?  Did you know that studies show that regular physical activity can lead to health benefits? Adding-in even small increments of activity can help support health promoting habits.


What type of activities count?

Any type of extra activity “add-in” can count!  Mowing the yard, walking the dog, taking the stairs, a morning stretch or your physical therapy session can count, you decide. If you are limited by your current condition, work with your ProEx physical therapist for support about activity you can do safely.


Is there a prize for completing?

In addition to feeling great, having fun and the health benefits associated with daily activity, all participants who complete & return their daily “log” will be entered into a drawing to win a ProEx Fleece!  One winner will be chosen from each location.


How do I sign up for the challenge?

Grab a challenge log at your clinic. Talk with a ProEx team member and simply start tracking your daily 10 minute activity “add-in” during the challenge dates 11/8-11/14. All those who successfully complete the challenge can return completed log to the clinic during their visit or email to the clinic.



Let’s Get Going together!