Mindful Fitness Trends You Need To Know About



(Photo: ProEx in Arlington)

Don’t be fooled by the pace!  Slower activities can lead to many physical benefits. Simple, mindful movement will increase blood flow, putting gentle forces on muscles, tendons and joints to support the growth and rebuilding of these structures. If you find yourself sitting often, quick activity add-ins throughout your day could lead to better results for more complex weekend activities. It is also just as important for high level exercisers to recognize the benefits of working slower, restorative activities into their weekly program.  These mindful exercises will support athletes from breaking down and lead to positive gains. 

~Rob Kaulback, DPT of ProEx in Middleton

Did you know that a study found that simply walking outside let to a significant mood boost?*

Have you heard of this summer's latest exercise trend, mindful fitness? This includes, slower, more gentle forms of exercise connecting mind and body.


*stress reduction
*elevated mood
*less injuries
*boost in performance
*better focus

Check-out some of these mindful fitness trends…

*Tai chi
*yoga nidra
*nature walk

 How can you add a mindful fitness to your week?