Is Stress Getting In The Way Of Your Recovery?


REFLECT: Is stress getting in the way of your recovery?


In today’s fast paced society, we are under attack by many perceived stressors. Constant stress could lead to high levels of cortisol and chronic inflammation potentially inhibiting recovery from injury and making us more susceptible to illness.

Try these add-ins to help reduce cortisol levels:

1.       Reduce stress by prioritizing tasks and letting unnecessary items go

2.       Take time for yourself.  Disconnect from electronics and schedule time each day doing something fun that you love.

3.       Keep moving.  Engage in energy giving activities such as yoga, exercise, meditation, etc. to help reduce cortisol levels

4.       Eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that contain healthy fats and oils

"Being able to identify your personal stressors and knowing how to be manage them can have a big impact on your recovery process. Simple and quick mental grounding, breathing exercises, or even movement breaks can minimize your stress levels, helping your body heal more effectively and efficiently."  - Colleen Calvanese, Clinical Director in Springfield 

What can you add in this week to help you manage your stress?