Have Yourself a Happy Healthy Holiday


santa_snack.jpgWith the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be challenging to stick to all of the healthful habits you worked so hard to create this year.  Don’t let stress, worry and sleep deprivation push you toward a pattern of unhealthy choices, making the season a lot less jolly.  Instead, stay strong with a handful of healthy habits and nourish your body and spirit throughout the holiday and beyond.

Try adding in a couple of these tips and enjoy a healthy holiday!

1. Headed to a party?  Be sure to eat a nourishing snack or meal beforehand.  This will help tame the temptation of high fat, high sugar foods.

2. Hydrate!  Drink lots of water.  Staying hydrated will help reduce cravings for unhealthy foods and keep you energized for the demands of the season.

3. Stick to a regular meal schedule to help avoid overeating late in the day.

4. Be sure to get plenty of quality sleep. With your mind and body working overtime during the holidays, it’s important to allow yourself to rest and recover to stay healthy and well.

5. Road trip?  Pack lots of healthy snacks to take with you.

6. Just breathe.  When “hectic” hits, pause for a moment and practice a few belly breaths to regroup.

7. Check with the hostess to see if you can contribute a dish to the party.  This allows you to bring something both healthy and delicious that you can indulge and share, guilt-free.

8. It’s not “all or nothing!”  If you go overboard with desserts, drinks and partying, be forgiving of yourself and stay in the game. No need to “throw in the towel” for the entire holiday season.  Just make your next choice, a healthier choice!

From all of us at ProEx, have a happy healthy holiday!