The ProEx Mission Statement


We will be leaders in Clinical Care, Education, and Research, ultimately having a positive impact on the Physical Therapy profession.  We will achieve this by providing a People Focused Experience, treating everyone as a Person First, whether he or she is a patient, employee, referring practitioner, client or vendor. 



Our Values


We are PRO Clinical EXcellence.

  • We effectively communicate from day one.
  • We are committed to clinical training.
  • We measure our clinical outcomes.
  • We will validate our treatment with research.
  • We will give back to our profession with education.




We are PRO Service EXcellence.

  • We treat everyone as people first.
  • We have a skilled and knowledgable staff.
  • We believe clear communication is the key to an enjoyable experience.
  • We understand that YOUR time is valuable to us.
  • We have a brand focused environment.
  • We have a "may I help you" attitude.
  • We value your feedback.



We are PRO Employment EXcellence.

  • We treat our employees as people first.
  • We provide unmatched educational opportunities.
  • We have sound business systems.
  • We have a positive work environment.
  • We have a mission driven team approach.
  • We have unlimited career opportunities.