Frozen Shoulder & Tendonitis Treatment in Boston MA, NH, and CT

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder affects your ability to move your shoulder easily and without pain.  Also known as 'adhesive capsulitis', describing the condition of your shoulder being 'sticky', and capsulitis describing an inflammation of the joint capsule.  This condition usually only happens to one of the shoulders, but can spread to both shoulders.  There are no precise causes of frozen shoulder, but it is most likely to occur after a long period of immobilization.  Symptoms of frozen shoulder include pain and a limited range of motion in shoulder movement, followed by a stiffness and further difficulty with normal shoulder movement.

Shoulder Tendonitis

Shoulder Tendonitis or tendinitis is an inflammation to the rotator cuff tendons and any of the tendons surrounding the shoulder joint.  It can also effect the bicep and tricep tendons.  This condition is usually caused by an overuse or repetitive motion of the arm or shoulder, such as with athletes involved in sports with a high amount of throwing.  It is also common in physical labor trades like carpentry, where repeated motions over a long period of time put more pressure on the tendons than they are used to.  Symptoms of shoulder tendonitis include a gradual pain when moving the shoulder.  This pain will generally be worse after a period of rest when the tendons are cold, and become less painful as the tendons warm up.

Methods for Diagnosing Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Tendonitis

  • Clinical Exam
  • MRI
  • X-Ray
  • Othopedic Specialist

Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment Options

  • Rest, Physical Therapy, Medications, Surgery
  • Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation
  • Education on posture and ergonomics
  • Activity/sport modification

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